Teen Counseling Services in Boise, Idaho

The adolescent years can be an exciting and tumultuous time for both children and parents. Teens have many challenges and pressures in their lives and it can be helpful for them to have a safe place to explore and receive help for these issues as they navigate this period of life. Our therapists assist them by using therapy techniques they can relate to as they are going through physical, emotional, and social changes; including pressure from peers and at school. We teach them techniques to regulate their thoughts and emotions in a more productive way to help them control their anger and impulsive behavior. We help them to understand the psychological pressures of this phase of life, the biological shifts that are rapidly occurring, and how to communicate better with family and peers. We have extensive training in working with teens to help them understand the changes that come during this period of their lives and how to develop healthy and productive habits. If you feel your teen needs anger management counseling, help with anxiety, depression, substance abuse therapy or any other behavioral challenges, call North End Wellness and our counselors would love to help.  

If you have a teen who endured trauma as a child, we have some gentle therapy treatments that are highly effective. EMDR therapy is effective for childhood trauma and Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT) is another treatment we are well trained in. Teens tend to report that these forms of treatment were interesting, fun, and effective.

Anger Management for Youth

Given all of the hormonal shifts and changing roles in life, anger in teens is very common. However, sometimes it gets out of control. Teens don’t like feeling out of control any more than you like seeing them out of control. Our counselors provide a safe, supportive, and empowering environment for your teen. We will find the root of the anger and equip your teen with anger management strategies to help them at home and at school.  

Family counseling may be a good option to include periodically alongside your teen’s therapy sessions. When you as a family can learn ways to support and empower your teen, more progress will be made. Strengthening your family’s communication and relationships will be an important component of supporting your teen in managing his or her anger.
Our therapists are down to earth and have a lot of training and experience working with teens. We treat them with respect and validate their feelings and experiences. As they see us as an ally, we can help them see situations they find themselves in from a different perspective and give them skills to make wiser choices.  

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