Grief Counseling for Adults and Teens in Boise, ID

At North End Wellness, we do not believe that grief is a necessary emotion in order to get through the loss of a loved one. There are examples of people not feeling grief after a loss because they retain a sense of connection with the person who has passed. When grief is healed, people feel not only relief but a deeper connection with their loved ones. If you are experiencing grief, we can help you move through the emotions of pain and suffering. It is clear that the person who has passed does not want that for you and wants you to be able to feel good and connected with them. The best way of honoring someone is to remain connected, have positive thoughts and joyful memories about them, and live a healthy life.  

We are not your traditional grief therapists because we don’t feel it is necessary to feel pain to heal. We will help you move in the direction the loved one and you would like to move in an uplifting way.  

If you are grieving the loss of a loved one, especially if the situation surrounding the loss was traumatic, you are most likely feeling a lot of different emotions. We will tailor your counseling session to your needs. We will help you determine the best approaches for reducing emotional pain by using modern therapies that heal complicated grief. These can include stress counseling and learning coping strategies for anger will be helpful to get you unstuck and find peace again. Many times anger is present when grieving. RRT and EMDR are gentle therapy techniques that are very helpful during trauma and grief counseling.  

Family Psychological Therapy Services

Some losses, such as the loss of a child, can be hard on a marriage. We can combine our experience with couples and grief counseling to help you get through this trying time so your marriage can be stronger than ever. The worst of times tend to bring out either the worst in us or the best in us. The counselors at North End Wellness are dedicated to bring out the best in both of you as you support each other in a loving way.

Your entire family may have gone through trauma and we can provide therapy that meets all of your needs through individual, couples, and family therapy. Family grief counseling is beneficial especially when each family member is dealing with grief in his or her own way. We are experienced in counseling for depression and anxiety as well, which often play a role in the grief process. We will help you with strategies for coping with anger, depression, and anxiety when dealing with a nearing death, death, and unexpected loss.  

If you want a Christian grief therapist, our therapist Swede Siverson would love to help you deal with your grief through a Christian perspective.

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