Children Counseling Services in Boise, Idaho

At times, the world gives our children challenges, struggles, loss, and pain ... and at times out of our control as parents and family members to prevent. As parents we want our children to have a childhood of safety, of love, of learning, growing, and having fun. Helping your children to heal and learn useful life skills will help them experience more of this safety, love, growth, and fun. 

When a child's development is hampered in some way; when a child's sense of self has been impacted; when a child struggles in school with peers, when a child struggles with behavioral concerns, or with interactions and relationships then counseling and play therapy can help shift these concerns to helping the child return to the ongoing positive developmental growth we want for our children ... with them being and feeling emotionally stronger and having a better self-concept. 

North End Wellness offers counseling and play therapy services that are child-centered. Art materials, as well as a play therapy room, provide a child, or preteen, with choices for their sessions … i.e. play, sand tray, expressive art, use of the bop bag for physical release, talking, learning and practicing mindfulness, learning and practicing making positive choices for themselves. 

A tenet of child-centered play therapy is a belief that play is essential to a child’s healthy development. It is believed that play gives a concrete way for a child to express their inner self. This play is symbolic and the play therapist determines the patterns and themes of the play, the meaning of the play for the child … and what is needed with regards for the child’s healthy continued development. 

As much as possible, we encourage the participation of parents, and or family members, who are in the role of parenting for your child to communicate with the play therapist. While the child or pre-teen meets 1:1 for their session, the parent or family member is encouraged and provided means to communicate with the play therapist regarding concerns and questions. We want to be a resource for parents regarding support and education. 

Choosing to have play therapy/counseling services when encountering difficulties with what we are experiencing in life is a healthy thing to do for ourselves. When children are given this message they are empowered and encouraged. Click here for an article that will help you to present play therapy/counseling in a way that helps your children what it is and what it will be like for them. To let them know, that it is a way of meeting with a person to help them feel and to become stronger, as well as doing it in a way that is fun and creative.
Providing a safe and respectful space for our children and pre-teens, and their families, is an essential aspect of the services NEW provides. Please let us know how we can help.
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