Couples and Marriage Therapy in Boise, Idaho

We experience a lot of joy when helping couples and spouses work through their challenges, reconnect, and move toward a thriving relationship. We can help you with in-person therapy and counseling sessions, as well as online relationship counseling. We are flexible and happy to accommodate your needs. 

The therapists of North End Wellness are licensed and professional clinical counselors who can help with intensive marriage counseling, including couples counseling related to domestic abuse. If you are wondering about the need for relationship counseling, then it is highly likely that it is needed. We find that couples save a lot of hurt by attending counseling sooner rather than later, where they can learn new tools to communicate in a healthy way and change painful and ineffective behavioral patterns. Having a therapist help you communicate and heal with each other will be helpful in the years to come so that you can once again enjoy and feel a deeper love for one another. 

We are trained in therapeutic approaches that help couples get unstuck from old patterns which frees up a lot of time and energy to create the kind of relationship they truly want and are capable of having. We find that as our clients begin to feel a deeper sense of peace and mutual appreciation, they help each other to heal the wounds of the past. Many couples who have worked with us have been surprised at how implementing small changes can create dramatically positive impacts in spouse and family relationships.

We will help you:

Become more connected and playful.
Communicate more effectively
Heal past wounds
Change unhealthy patterns
Develop Trust and Honesty
Become unified
Develop shared goals
Release stress
Resolve conflict
Resolve differences
Become a partnership

Premarital Counseling

Learning tools to communicate with your partner before your marriage will start you on the right path to a long and successful relationship. As you discuss your expectations and differences, you will have fewer false expectations in your marriage.  
Some of the most important questions to discuss before marriage include: Do I want children? What about finances? How will work and responsibilities be divided? How can we stay connected and loving towards one another? If you disagree on some of these questions and conflicts arise during counseling, our therapists will teach you techniques to help you resolve the conflict. These techniques will be invaluable tools throughout your marriage.

Family and Marriage Counseling in Boise

Conflict in a marriage affects the entire family. As you make progress in your relationship with your spouse, it may be a good thing to have a family counseling session with your children and any other family members living in the household. Many times children hold in their feelings or think conflict in a marriage is their fault. By counseling together, we can eliminate these false beliefs and help your entire family to be happier and healthier.  

As top couples and marriage counselors in the Boise area, we want to help you have a healthy and joyful relationship with your significant other. At North End Wellness we provide a safe and comfortable environment for this to happen.  

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